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we are planning new puppies to be born soon and they will be available in May 2024.
stay tuned!


Please fill the Puppy Application Form and we will contact You. Your answers will help me to match the right Maltese for You according to Your preferences and lifestyle. Spay/Neuter Agreement is Required.

Please, check Your junk folder if You don't see the answer in48 hours.

Polaris Maltese puppy Application

Please provide the name, city and phone number of your veterinarian and groomer

 What is your experience with dogs generally and why did you choose the Maltese? Are there other animals currently in household? if yes, please list age, sex, if altered or no,type/breed, how long you have owned and how obtained. (For example- 3 y.o. yorkie:owned 6 years; from breeder) 

Please tell us a little about yorself including your occupation. How many people live in your residence? Do you own or rent? Are there any children, their age?

Please tell us what you are interested in:

Select an option

Other preferences (size, temperament..). what is your anticipated time frame for purchase?

Thanks for submitting!

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